Coffee Coffee Coffee

As a New Yorker its safe to say we run on coffee. LOTS OF IT. Check out some of my go to shops!

Bluestone Lane//

Hands down my favorite coffee shop. They are located throughout the US but originated in Australia. I have been to 3 locations within the area. The atmosphere is great because you can easily hangout there with your laptop as well as take the drink to go.

Go to drink- Cold Brew & Flat White

Gregory’s Coffee//

If you need alittle pick me up in your day this is the place to go. Their coffee is super strong in the best way possible. Also, the pastries are delish.

Go to drink- Americano &Matcha Latte

Think Coffee//

Best cider ever! If only they offered it year round. Each location has a very homey feel to it as well. Great place to order a large drink, catch up with friends and people watch.

Go to drink- Hot Apple Cider (the way to my heart) & Breve


Need I say more. Starbucks is everywhere. Very loyal. I’m an addict its fine I’ll admit it.

Go to drink- Venti iced coffee w/coconut milk and vanilla sweetener & Peach iced tea lemonade

What is your go to coffee shop?

xx The Fashion Eater


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