Y7 Studio Review

This afternoon I tried Y7 studio for the first time! I was extra pumped because I haven’t tried a new workout class in awhile. Also shoutout to class pass for having this as an option.

SO GUYS THIS CLASS WAS AWESOME. It was called WeFlowHard which was for all levels. I’m not the greatest at yoga but honestly I was super comfortable taking this class. I’m working on adding more yoga into my life to help with flexibility, balance and peace at mind. Here’s the breakdown. It’s hot yoga in a dark room that is only lit by candles. Let me not forget to mention it has hip hop music (like what????). Great combo. It was nice being able to go at my own pace and do what felt best for me. The instructor went at a steady pace but also wasn’t too pushy. Highly recommend you check it out. It’s not an aggressive amount of credits on class pass and you will leave feeling accomplished. Would I go back? Heck yes 🙂

Xo The Fashion Eater