Skincare goodies- Quarantine edition

Hey there!

Clearly most if not all of us are currently locked away in our homes. Even though we are trapped, its not too late to get your skin right. Personally, my skin is in the best shapes its been in in awhile. I have been getting my daily dose of sunlight and I actually haven’t ordered take out/had any fried food in over a week. I definitely can see the difference.

I recently did a Target run(thank god they’re still open) and was able to pick up a few face masks. I figured I would share my findings as well as show you guys other products I have been using.

(left to right) Holler and Glow get lit sheet mask, Holler and Glow stone coal sheet mask and Aveeno positively radiant MAXGLOW peel off mask.

I have never used Holler and Glow before but I have heard good things! Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask .I have used the Aveeno mask before though. Huge fan of their products because it leaves your skin feeling and looking refreshed.

(left to right) Que Bella purifying mud mask and Que Bella hydrating pineapple peel off mask. I haven’t tried anything from Que Bella before but I also see the product at drugs stores and target so why not ūüôā

(left to right) Aveeno MaxGlow infusion drops and Glamglow supermud clearing treatment mask

I like using the Aveeno MaxGlow before bed. I usually use about 3 drops and apply it to my face. Once it dries, I use my jade roller for about 5 minutes. Let me tell you the glow up IS REAL FRIENDS. I do this about 3-4 times a week. Secondly let me also tell ya this Glamglow super mud mask is MAJOR M A J O R key. I’ve actually had it in my makeup box for awhile now. I received this a few months ago from Sephora? I think because I had enough points to redeem a goodie. I tried it for the first time the other night and it was awesome. I applied the mask to my face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I really liked it and the results when I washed it off were great. I like that the mask came off easily. Its annoying when they dont and you have to really scrub it off.

xo The Fashion Eater

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