Lets get fit fam!!- Indoors edition

Hey there my peoples. I hope everyone is staying healthy, indoors and that some of your sanity is still intact. Personally I’m still hanging in there and hoping things get better before my cabin fever escalates.

One way I have been keeping busy is by doing at home workouts. I wanted to share a few of my favorites thus far. Please note I only own a yoga mat and resistance bands so when it comes to workouts that require weights, I typically use house hold items. White Claw cases, orange juice container, shoe boxes etc just getting creative.

#1- Rumble at Home IG Live: Everyday Rumble does an instagram live for ab/core/boxing workouts. They are typically 45 minutes. All I can say is wow I was sore the next day. The workouts really get your heart rate up and next thing you know you’re breaking a sweat. If you miss the class, the workout is posted for 24 hours on their IG tv. Follow @doyourumble

#2- Alo Yoga youtube channel: Their channel has a variety of classes ranging from long flows to core and abs. This is a great time to become a true yogi because since most of us are doing workouts alone, there is no one to judge your stance and you can take longer/ rewind videos until you are able to get the move down.

#3- 305 Fitness youtube channel: I have been wanting to check out 305 fitness studio in the city but was alittle afraid to because I CANNOT dance. Their online classes are super fun though and definitely burns hella calories. Highly recommend checking it out!

#4- CorePower Yoga on demand: I have been to a few classes in the city and it was super fun/challenging. I love the online options they provide on their website. You can choose the level and duration of the workout.

#5 Club Pilates: Their instagram is filled with different workouts that can be done on the mat. Follow @clubpilates

#6- Running outside: Its free .99 to do and honestly its nice to get some air while keeping a 6 foot distance from people.

xo The Fashion Eater

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